Visions of BBA 
That badminton will be a vibrant and popular sport in BIHAR that contributes towards nation building and social development by reaching out to all INDIANS in its pursuit of glory for the country.

Mission of BBA
– To help BAI to create a big pool of world class players in Badminton
– To lift the standard of women players to that of Bihar
– To ensure consistent success of BAI by our contribution
– To help BAI to create a big pool of qualified technical officials
– To implement development programmes from grass-root to state & national level
– To own fully integrated training centres at state level
– To make badminton ‘the sport’ of the state & the country


To encourage, promote and control the game of Badminton in BIHAR
To manage and control badminton championships and competitions organised by BAI
To ensure observance of rules and regulations in the state, national or international competitions organised in India